Child and Adolescent Psychological Services

At PsychCentral, we provide up to date evidence-based and culturally appropriate psychological, occupational, and speech therapy services to children and adolescents.

We also work closely with their care-givers and their families to achieve their maximum potential for daily functioning. PsychCentral can help in advising and assessing common childhood and adolescent stressors or developmental transitions, mental health, learning, academic, social or developmental issues of concern. We use leading diagnostic assessments and deliver quality management and treatment services. We also have sensory integration rooms at our Bankstown office. Our therapists are NDIS therapy providers. Medicare Rebates are available.

Psychological Services

We offer psychoeducational and psychological assessment, diagnosis, and treatment services for a wide range of child and adolescent concerns and disorders.

Diagnostic Assessment Services
  • Comprehensive Psychological and Psychoeducational Assessments*
  • Cognitive Assessment*
  • IQ assessments*
  • Achievement Testing*
  • ADHD*
  • Learning Disabilities*
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders*
  • Developmental Delays and Disorders*
  • Mood and Anxiety Disorders
  • Behavioural Problems
  • Emotional Concerns
*Fees Apply
Therapy and Treatment Services
  • Parental guidance counselling
  • Individual therapy for children and teens
  • Support in children's adjustment to divorce and other family issues
  • Stress management for kids and teens
  • Assistance in understanding children's behaviour, development, learning, and temperament
  • Coping grief and loss
  • Low self-esteem or low self-confidence
  • Problems with attention and concentration
  • Eating disorders and body image
  • Bullying
  • School refusal
  • Self-harm
  • Consultation to schools and community agencies
  • Group Therapy
  • Parenting Skills Workshops

Occupational Therapy (OT)

PsychCentral staff provide specialised occupational therapy and intervention for children, adolescents, and their families helping children develop fine motor or sensory skills. We can also offer therapy to support children at school by liaising with their school teachers. PsychCentral OT staff focus in providing a fun, warm, and welcoming therapeutic environment to assist children and adolescents to overcome learning and developmental issues. We provide children and adolescents the skills to function confidently, optimally and independently for a brighter future with emphasis on assisting them build a range of skills to also facilitate their academic learning and social development. PsychCentral OT staff can assist children and adolescents development available to provide assessment and therapy for a range of issues in a range of areas including:

  • Fine motor and handwriting skills
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Emotional regulation
  • Gross motor skills
  • Information processing
  • Muscle control and co-ordination skills
  • Concentration and learning
  • Learning to dress, use utensils independently, and toileting
  • Over activity or excessive movement
  • Attention
  • Play therapy
  • Social development
  • General development
  • Sensory processing difficulties such as (touch, taste, smell, movement and sight)

Speech Therapy (OT)

PsychCentral ST staff provide specialised speech therapy skills for children and adolescents experiencing difficulties with communicating. There are many reasons why a child’s ability to communicate could be difficult. These reasons could include: developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder, delayed speech and language development, anxiety, low self esteem, social confidence, hearing and sight difficulties. If you find that your child is experiencing difficulties with speech being clear to understand stuttering, reading, language delay, frustration from not being understood, poor listening skills, or unable to grasp letter-sound relationships, then speech therapy can help in those areas of development:

  • Speech development
  • Literacy
  • Social engagement, communication / pragmatics and confidence
  • Language development (receptive & expressive)
    • Phonological disorders (e.g. swapping sounds, leaving sounds off)
    • Autism spectrum disorder
    • Apraxia of speech
  • Receptive language development, including understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Auditory processing
  • Articulation
  • Expressive language development
  • Speech sound development
  • Following instructions
  • Play skills
If you are looking for a child psychologist, occupational therapist, or speech therapist in Sydney skilled with evidence-based and research driven mental health solutions for children, adolescents, and their families, please use our enquiry form below to we will help recommend the best suited psychologist for your needs. To make a booking, fill in the form here or give us a call us on 1300 856 779.

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About PsychCentral

PsychCentral is a professional psychological and allied  health service tailored to meet the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. We conduct assessments, treatment plans and interventions for individuals, couples, and families in a variety of clinical, forensic, school, disability, and work-related settings.


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