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Asylum Seekers, Refugees, Torture & Trauma Survivors*

15 million refugees and over 22 million internally displaced individuals accross the world (UNHCR,2011).

Asylum-seekers have left their homelands as a direct result of conflict, or to avoid the effect of armed conflict, or situations of political violence, violations of humar rights, or due to natural/human-made disasters, who have not crossed an international border.

Asylum-seekers are populations where individuals have sought international protection and whos claims for refugee status have not yet been determined. Unlike, asylum-seekers, refugee populations are provided with legal protections from most western and developed non-western government as part of their resettlement process.

Accepted refugees in Australia ultimately become permanent residents of the country and are given the option to become an Australian citizen at a later stage and would have access to social services. Asylum-seekers are also held in immigration detention awaiting refugee status. The refugee process is seen as a major contributing factor to the overall complex set of experiences that has led to complex mental health related disorders. It is well knowne that refugees become overwhelmed by the political events that are beyond their control even before they decide to escape or leave their homelands due to threats towards their lives, the outbreak of war, kidnapping and disappearances.

The refugee process and resettlement issues that refugees undergo can place their mental health at a significant risk.

At Psychcentral, our staff are culturally-competent in assessing, treating and managing clients who present with complex mental health presentations and trauma-related mental health issues.

Our staff are originally from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and are available in:

- Sydney
- Melbourne
- Darwin
- Perth

Our Specialist Mental Health Staff include:

Specialist Psychologists (Clinical – Forensic – Educational and Developmental)
Mental Health Nurses
Mental Health Social Workers

*Note: Fees do apply for these specialist services